Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • Cinch
    Apr 5, 07:03 PM
    Wireless syncing is a lot easier and a lot less hassle. Charging the battery with an electrical outlet is the only time you need to plug your iPhone in anything, IMHO. I find syncing my iPhone to my computer to be a chore and I rarely do so because of this.

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  • robbieduncan
    Sep 27, 09:35 AM
    I hope it fixes the USB connection to Canon cameras. They broke it with 10.4.7. I'm still booting from my portable backup drive when shooting tethered (looks really pro on location).
    I dread the going-backwards-sytem-reinstall BS tho, so that's what I have been doing.

    My EOS 400D works fine (in tethered mode as well as just transfering from the memory card)?

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  • HiRez
    Apr 2, 05:59 PM
    I have to agree with most here that Pages didn't live up to my expectations. However, I can't agree with you that Word has been perfected. Word is complete nightmare in certain situations. Its non-intuitive and not very user friendly in many cases (especially the windows version!). I do prefer it to Pages, but its by no means the best that can be done..Word was nearly perfect up until about version 4.0 (on the Mac), it was all downhill from there as far as I'm concerned. As for Pages, it looked pretty goofy to me as well, but the first versions of FCP, Keynote, OS X, all the iLife apps, .Mac, and pretty much anything else they're ever done were quite flakey, slow, underfeatured, and rough around the edges too. Apple just takes a long bloody time to refine their apps until they're "ready for prime time". That's fine, because once they do get an app refined, they tend to be fantastic -- I just wish they'd stop gouging us for full price each time we upgrade from their "betas" to a release-quality app. I'll check out Pages again when it gets to version 3.0.1 or so.

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  • macfan881
    Oct 12, 05:20 PM
    I spent many an our as a kid standing around this cabinet as a player and a watcher.

    I hope it turns out better than Turtles in Time. and I'm sure it will be $15. Maybe The Simpsons will be next!!

    i would think it would the simspons iPhone game is a pretty good seller i belive its in the top 50 for games.


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  • snberk103
    Mar 18, 03:06 PM
    I do still suck.

    My problem is leaving my camera on Auto. I just don't know which setting to use. The more I read and the more opinions I see, the more confused I get. Plus when I see a good subject I don't want to mess it up with my ill informed selections...

    I did just buy the Bryan Peterson Understanding Exposure book, so hopefully that will help set me off in the right direction!

    I think sometimes people can be intimidated by all the choices. The trick, when learning, is simplify things, imo. So... read up on controlling Depth of Field using the aperture (f/stop). Ignore everything else. Set your camera on Aperture priority (usually Av) and let the camera do the work maintaining exposure. Then play with that for a while, just concentrating on the DoF. Find scenes where there is a series of objects from close to far, and focus on one of those objects, and then take 3 photos at the biggest/smallest f/stop # and then the middle. Don't move. Focus on an object at a different distance, and do the same thing.

    Do this over and over again, with different subjects, until you get a feel for DoF. Don't sweat the other stuff, and don't even worry about perfect exposures at this point. Just get "good enough" exposures.

    Now do the same thing for Shutter Priority. Except in this case, you find things that are moving. Fast, slow, close, far. Shoot the same type of motion with different shutter speeds - as different as possible, and then something in the middle. Don't worry about the other settings.

    Copy and paste this post somewhere, and don't read anymore until you have done parts one and two above.

    Now that you are comfortable with Apertures and Shutters ... concentrate on exposure control. The challenge is to get really good exposures, while at the same time getting the DoF and shutter speeds into an acceptable range. Read up on ISOs. One of the huge advantages of digital cameras is being able to change the ISO as you shoot. Use it. Also know that photography is often about compromises. In order to get the DoF you want, you may need to use a shutter speed that is not quite right, and/or an ISO that leaves noise, etc etc But that is just part of the game, and as you gain more experience you will find ways to mitigate these issues.

    Also, there are two more ways to control DoF (lense focal length, and camera to subject distance.) But if you are reading this only after you did your homework, it won't be intimidating. It will be fun to figure it out. And if you read right through you are thinking " Aaaccckkk!!!" (I warned you, though... :) )

    imho, of course

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  • TheXFactor
    Apr 7, 07:39 AM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone : Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)


    Seriously, who wants to wade thru over 500 posts to find out there isn't one? Not I. There should be a sticky. No iPhone app.


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  • RogueLdr
    Sep 19, 04:15 PM
    It's a shame, however, that Apple will probably never link to this page due to the fact that they are not #1 on the list. The similiarity in performance of the G4 system and the Pentium system speaks highly of the efficiency of the G4 processor.


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  • Warbrain
    Mar 13, 10:45 AM
    Everything was good on my side. All iOS devices switched fine.


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  • maflynn
    Mar 8, 12:14 PM
    My vote is for smugmug :)

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  • leekohler
    May 3, 10:28 AM
    Yeah, you might want to hold off on your move to Canada... This is going to be an interesting 4 years.

    I was wrong about this election, I had posted elsewhere this was not going to change much, but I didn't realize that the Liberals and the Bloc were that weak. The losses of the Bloc boosted the NDP seats in Quebec, and the Liberal weakness helped both the NDP and Conservatives elsewhere.

    The election was pretty crazy, take Ignatieff (who has now resigned BTW) even if you are leader of a party, and your riding has been a stronghold for your party, don't ignore it completely! Then again, check out Bev Oda; apparently you can misuse public money, make very questionable decisions as a minister, lie to parliament and get caught and force your minority government to fall in a vote of non-confidence... but as long as you play nice with the conservative leadership and remain silent, the people will elect you in a landslide. :rolleyes:

    ... I just don't get it.

    Me neither. I thought you Canadians were smarter that this. ;)


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  • dslade09
    Mar 9, 05:59 PM
    The Mac keyboards do seem to be photogenic, don't they? I like the use of strong contrast in this image. What lens did you use and is there any of a vignette applied in post?

    I'm glad you guys like it! I Used a Canon T2i with its standard lens 18-55mm. There was no vignette applied. I had to take some noise out of it and and a little bit of saturation. other than that thats it! The inspiration came to me when I was using my MBP in the dark.

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  • bousozoku
    Apr 2, 03:54 PM
    I like Pages but it's definitely crude at the moment. They should have gone more for a desktop publishing application than a word processor with desktop publishing features. If they'd included a slide sorter for the pages, it would make so much more sense.

    As far as MS Word goes, it was great at version 4, so-so at version 5, really bad at version 6, and it continues to slide downhill. Feature bloat is a problem with most software releases now. One application does not have to do it all, including Pages.


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  • Eidorian
    Apr 25, 10:40 PM
    Reboot and hold down Option this time for the boot loader. If you used the utilities your Startup Disk is probably set to the Windows partition. Though it is strange that you are not booting to the installation disc.

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  • whoodie
    Mar 18, 09:10 PM
    I called Knox and Northpark at 8:30pm and the said they would both have stock. They said they've been holding all shipments till tomorrow.

    What time are they opening?


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  • watersakana78
    Nov 13, 03:30 AM
    I think the Japanese version of the "Get A Mac" ad was first aired in the Japanese TV on last Saturday at around 10 pm Japan Time.

    I was a bit surprised, not only because "Get A Mac" is in Japanese, but also because Apple has chosen the right man to do the Ad, the Rahmen!!

    I love Rahmen's way of making spoof.

    I quickly posted the ad, and of course the famous Rahmen spoof on Japanese in Sushi in my blog (


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  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 12:20 PM
    Umm, no sorry you're way off here. The DirecTV iPad app was developed by DirecTV. Tivo doesn't power D* boxes, the DirecTivo box is still a little ways off.

    You're misunderstanding. It's not a cobranded box that says TiVo, that's coming in the future, but DirecTV outsourced their DVR software development to TiVo years ago....

    "It's official! TiVo and DIRECTV have renewed their partnership"

    They're working on a true Tivo box that'll support directv, whereas in the past it's just been software they've developed as private label for DirecTV... hence the "renewed partnership" wording.


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  • djransom
    Mar 25, 11:33 AM
    This has to be one of the best deals I've seen. If I didn't insist on having 3G I would return my 3G iPad to AT&T and get his one instead and save $130.

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 11, 01:22 PM
    What we need to do is GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE and IRS.. thats what we need to get rid of and bring the jobs back from India.. We also need to take complete control of the banks and corporations - power to the people.. or freedom, something this country does not have at present.

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  • wilburpan
    Sep 21, 09:43 PM
    Originally posted by cr2sh
    Fine, lets just assume that a 800mhz imac and a 1.8gigahertz dell are similar in performance, equiptment and cost... this thread is about speed.....


    the g4 cannot beat the p4 in performance....
    Granted doesn't really clarify what benchmarks they use, but in their estimation, a dual 1.25GHz Mac beats a 2.4 Ghz P4 by a hair, and is just a little behind a 2.8 GHz P4. Likewise, a 800MHz G4 is very comparable to a 1.8 Ghz P4. The important thing that I see in this ranking is that in perusing the rest of this website, the people who came up with these ratings do not look to be particularly Mac friendly.

    Based on this, I would have to disagree with your assertion that "the g4 cannot beat the p4 in performance", unless your only criteria for performance is sheer GHz speed. It seems to me that at the high end, the two chips are at least competitive, and in the middle of the pack, I would say that Macs are a better buy.

    Sep 13, 07:27 AM
    ...I've only had one bad experience w/ general anesthesia, but it was an unusual situation so I don't give it much weight...
    Same here, the only time I had a problem was when they had to keep me under longer than expected because the idiot stand-in denist took the wrong two teeth out realised and went back for the right two!

    Jul 8, 04:54 AM
    No ours is actually right outside the front doors of the centre, so they can open independently.

    Sep 13, 10:49 AM
    I think that Apple and the user community in general does itself a great disservice in touting the mhz myth as if it applied to everything. I was incredibly disappointed when I bought a G4 expecting the amazing performance attributed to the G4. It just wasn't there, a PIII at the same clock, 1 year older (and half the cost new), beat it by 10%! I felt ripped off and completely disenchancted with Apple. Things got a little better when the software I was using released a new version compiled on a newer compiler, but it was still behind by a few percentage points.

    Feb 23, 12:52 PM
    What a waste of taxpayers money. Here is a great idea, learn to be a parent!

    Apr 9, 04:14 PM
    If people are the greatest asset, then paying people to diminish that asset is a very dumb idea.

    Wow, yet again.

    You must have been a whiz at your local 4-H club. :(

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