Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • DareYouFireMe
    11-28 05:54 PM
    I am new to IV. I am just wondering whether we have ever emphasized on bifurcation of Immigration Bill or call for a interim law to facilitate legal immigrant's issues ( mainly retro victims) -

    Our problems are very basic and do not have sociopolitical or economical strings attached to it (Probably works better for economy as lot of us are holding on to buy houses and other big budget stuff).

    The main issue I have is
    - Unable to change jobs

    I can wait for GC but not being able to change jobs is hurting me most.
    Employers do not find projects and do not pay on bench. Once you find a project Employer wants a big cut. All in the name of policy ;) .

    Please share your thoughts.

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  • ratsek
    01-02 11:48 AM

    I am on H1 and may have to use EAD in couple of months. What would be the status of my son (he is on H4) if I use EAD? We filed 485 in July 2007.


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  • kiran24
    05-18 04:45 PM
    My mother came for a 6 months visit on December 10th of 2010. But she left in April of 2011 (April 9th 2011), two months short of her 6 month's stay. Can she come again in August 2011 for a six month's stay, and stay till Feb 2012? Or will she have to return in 2 months? (return by October 2011)
    My mother has 10 year multiple entry visa.
    I heard that a visitor can stay only 6 months in a year, is it true?
    If yes, is the calendar year counted from January to december?
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Digitalosophy
    09-26 01:23 PM
    Why did you PM me this?


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  • khare81
    01-08 03:13 PM
    My current visa status is H4. As i cannot work on this visa, I am interested in doing an Unpaid Internship. Please clarify whether I can do so on an H4 visa.
    I'm trying to secure the internship in a nonprofit organisation. Will there be an exception for them, in case it's not allowed otherwise?

    Thanks a tonne!!!

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  • javadeveloper
    05-26 03:24 PM
    When E-Filed my EAD Reniewal , I didn't filled these fields (14. Manner of Last Entry & 15.Current Immigration Status) as they are not mandatory fields.Will there be any problem with my application?Anybody on the same boat?If so can you share your experiances?

    Thanks In Advance


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  • QuintonBermuda
    04-26 10:26 PM
    Sorry, If you read towards the bottom there is talk of eliminating the per country caps...

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  • bobyal
    02-28 09:15 PM

    I don't see these forms listed on , in the top menu "Immigration Forms".

    I highly appreciate if anyone has updates related to I-131 form changes.



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  • weasel026
    04-20 10:23 PM
    i think you'll nee to use the extrusion manager it will take a whil to perfect but i think thats the only way you can do it
    ~flash weasel

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  • uma001
    07-29 02:22 PM
    I came to US on H4. My H1B got approved when i was in India. But I came through H4 only.
    Now i want to change H4 to H1B. If i want to apply for change of i need to go back to india(ot other countries) for stamping? Or can i get H1B staying here?
    Please help..

    Currently you are on H4. If you apply for H4 to H1 transfer, you can get H1 and start working from October this year. If you cannot find project immediately, you wait up to 3 months or 6 month (maximum), otherwise change status back to H4 or you will be in trouble. Since economy is not good, it is tough to get projects nowadays, already current H1 holders are looking for projects and some have gone back. if you have already worked in India, then you may get project easily, If you did not work, then it is tough to get a project. When you are on H4, you can have peaceful life while your psouse is working, you can have get togethers whenever you want, you can cook special dishes for your spouse and wait at the door in the evenings.Real problem arises when you become pregnant (assuming you are woman), you need to take a long break if you are working,, especially if you are away from your point is have fun with spouse, have get togethers with other couples, go shopping at BedBathandBeyond/walmart/target/jcpenny in discount seasons, have honeymoon trips again n again...Go to India whenever you want.These things are so memorable than struggling to get projects and maintaining status. When you cant maintain status you cannot go to India whenever you want....
    Just want to let you know the real picture...when H4 wants a H1.


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  • kernel_flash
    04-03 05:24 AM
    It's a kirupian stamp after all ;)

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  • jliechty
    February 11th, 2004, 09:30 AM
    Well, the first thing that I noticed was not the ceiling, but rather the cute little Shetland Sheepdog in the middle of the walkway. Of course, I love dogs (and especially Shelties)... ;)

    I think if I stare at the image long enough, I can sometimes see the effect you're talking about, though it's not like that effect jumps out at me. IMHO, this picture is still a good study of geometric forms, whether or not it has issues with optical illusions. :)


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  • godbless
    05-09 03:04 PM
    In your letter of sponsorship which employer you are going to mention? You will need a letter of employment from your employer.

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  • kirupa
    02-17 07:55 PM
    Hey lobstars,
    There is no trial of any Swift 3D product...including V1. Visit ( for some more info.


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  • TexasGC
    08-06 02:35 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    Need some inputs urgently. I recently joined a company. They had posted job offering all over the place without much success. Finally they decided to hire me on H1.

    Now while initiating the Green Card process, I am being told
    "Nothing can be used from our original recruiting as there are strict guidelines on the resources that must be used for the recruiting (i.e. posted on our website for 10 days and screen shots taken every day, etc.). Everything needs to be started from scratch"

    Is this correct? What is the correct process in PERM?

    Here is what the Attorney's office says:
    "The entire labor certification process, from initial preparation to recruitment to approval of the application, takes about 6 months. However, we will work very closely with your office to complete the necessary steps in the least amount of time feasible. Once we receive the inputs from your office, we will work with you to prepare the job description and minimum requirements. Once that is finalized we will identify the recruitment options and begin recruitment. We must file the application within 180 days from the first date the recruitment begins. Our target date to file is 90 days after the first date the requirement begins"

    Please advise. Is all the above correct or is there something being quoted incorrectly.

    Best Regards,

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  • vkotval
    03-26 05:35 PM
    Never give childcare as a reason. INS treats this as employment for parents. But religious ceremony for child may work. For medical stuff, I'd say that you need to show that either they cant travel or they are under some treatment here. For both the reasons, you need a US doc to write a letter. The best reasons are travelling to different places in the US.


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  • ebizash
    01-27 10:33 AM
    Well, ITGrunt seems to have been taken down already.... Good Riddance!!

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  • moonrah
    07-21 01:41 AM
    one lawyer whom I spoke with says it is still ok...basically they need senior applicants in their field who has done some supervisory work and can do managirial work..I don't know how much it is true.

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  • i4u
    01-11 09:54 AM
    Unless you are getting your mother-in-law to the US before you get your GC, it may become a factor but otherwise, it will have no issue

    Disclaimer: I am no lawyer

    09-22 11:25 AM can apply for AP. It is the only way you can reenter into US. I applied for my F1 (spouse) too.

    Yes you can write that same reason for the AP appplication.

    BTW your F1 is not valid anymore since you showed immigration intent. You are still legal status. If you have Tuition waver/ Stipend or oncampus should also apply for EAD so that you can continue to earn money.

    DO check with International office in your university.

    I want to apply for AP but I'm not sure if I qualify and I don't want to get rejected as I cannot afford to lose the money. I am here on F-1 visa and got married and subsequently have applied for I-485 and got receipt for it.
    1. Can I apply for advanced parole?
    2. I want to go home and visit family and/or have AP in case I need to leave. Is this a valid reason? Is this what I write as my reason on form?

    09-07 11:29 AM

    Currently I am in US in H1B and my I-94 is expires in Sept 30 2010 and there is an extension filed for my H1.

    In the mean time I want to file I-130 and I-485 based on my brothers citizenship.
    Whether the status will change before sept 30 2010? Also if I leave US whether the application will be still valid and how much time it takes to get an approval for both?

    Thank You,

    Family 4th preference is retrogressed by a decade ( or two if you are from Philippines), so you may have to wait another 10 years to be eligible to file i-485.:confused:

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