Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • vfast9999
    07-01 04:53 PM
    You will receive cards tomorrow... in my case it took 7 days.. goodluck

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  • ajaykk
    11-08 01:43 PM
    Thanks WebM for you reply.

    More questions, what if I dont appear for visa for my H1 and comeback on AP? Is it ok to enter on AP without a valid visa?
    Can I stay on H1 and apply for extension next year? Can I change employer in future?


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  • kundan
    01-20 08:41 PM
    Here is my situation:

    I was joined as a contractor at CLIENT through client's preferred VENDOR. My paystub runs by my EMPLOYER. I use to submit my timesheets to my EMPLOYER and VENDOR every week. My EMPLOYER runs my paystub everymonth with minimum pay amount and not as per actual earnings. For ex:my actuals were $9500/- per month, he rans for only $6000/- every month. This gap is because he says he didn't receive the payments from VENDOR. With these gaps everymonth the dues between my employer and me has increased a lot, and my employer has to pay to me some $xx thousands dollars. There is no document/written evidence with me from my employer. My employer always tells me on phone, how much they paid to me and how much of mine they are holding.

    After my contract completion(for ex:10/30/09) at CLIENT, I joined and started as a Full Time Salaried employee at CLIENT on 11/5/2009. I submitted my resignation to my previous EMPLOYER on 11/16/2009.

    I have to collect my dues(ex: $xx thousands) from previous EMPLOYER. How can I proceed further to collect these dues, as there is no document / written evidence with me from him. My previous employer always communicate with me on phone to update the money transactions.

    My current visa status is, I am a Green Card holder.

    Please help me how to proceed in collecting my dues from my previous employer.

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  • tipsvizag
    05-15 06:57 PM
    I first came to USA in April 2005 and have H1B valid till 2011 April.

    I worked with company 'X' since 2005 on H1B status on permanent position, during this tenure with company 'X' i was filed for PERM during Feb 2009. Later in October 2009, I had moved out of company 'X' to Company 'Y' due to budget cuts at the clients place and not having any positions with in the Company 'X'`s other clients. Moved to Company 'Y and Company 'Y' had filed new HIB visa, Got approved in few weeks.started working for Company 'Y" since November 2009.

    During January 2010 my PERM (LABOR) filed by Company 'X' got approved by uscis. I moved back to Company 'X' got started the next stage of the process of filing I-140 within the timeframe. Company 'X' filed my I-140 and also filed again for H1B and H4 for dependends in march and got approved in April with Priority date (PD) as april 2009 as my PERM was initiated during that period and H1B visa Validity date as May 2011.

    Surprisingly and unfortunatly the assigment which was supposed to be a long term is getting completed by end of this May month 2010. Now that in Company 'X' the project got completed within two months and i am asked to move to their onsite project and can be brought back when there exists a position at any of the their clients locations.

    Now the H1B status with Company 'X' is valid till May 2011 and with Company 'Y' the visa validity is till April 2011.

    Can i move back to Company 'Y' as they had the same position that i worked with them and file for H1B visa extension which is due in 2011 April/May(as per new validity from Company 'X') based on the approved I-140 or PD. Company 'Y had also initiated the process of filling for PERM(Labour) got the clearence for LC.

    Please suggest me the various options that are availabe to me to continue stay in here and get the H1B extension and as well continue my green card process.[/SIZE]


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  • thesparky007
    04-01 12:31 AM
    lol knew it!
    last year's was wayyyyyyyyyy better........

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  • Khan123
    01-19 01:23 AM
    hello, i was on H-1B and my employment was terminated yesterday with the company, what are my options of staying in USA. Please advise immediately


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  • gc_on_demand
    09-23 07:42 PM
    Just read this on another forum.....

    Where does that put us considering the house bill didn't even make it to markup today?

    I thought it was E-verify and our bill with some sunset bills. Now he excluded those things and added last item which Republicans never supports. So he is making this as suicide bill . This is all about politics. See how they turned back in last minutes. Now they created a image of Immi friendly but eventually they didn't fight for us. Bob was Anti in beginning and he introduce recapture so get our support now after becoming popular among us and our friends , relatives he is officially not stopping bill but killing it.

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  • homers
    05-29 09:02 AM
    I can also help out with giving people rides and such.


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  • rodnyb
    03-03 01:12 PM amatic_Negative_Impact_of_Country_Based_Quotas_on_ persons_of_Indian_Origin_Feb_20102.pdf

    Anyone knows the background of this recapture? This is the first time I know congress had a law for it in 2000

    The immediate solution is full accountability of all pending applicants for employment based immigrant visas both at USCIS and DOS. Without accurate data, it is difficult to hold the agencies accountable for their actions or inactions.
    Another solution is to �recapture� lost visas. Between 1994 and 2006, USCIS underutilized the visa numbers by approving less than the 140,000 employment based applications each year even though USCIS had more than enough applications pending. Due to the statutory calculation method (explained more fully by USCIS and DOS on their websites), USCIS�s failure to timely process a sufficient number of applications resulted in the loss of approximately 349,000 visa numbers that could not be used in future years since the law prevents usage in future years. In 2000, Congress authorized the use of 130,000 these �lost� visa numbers by what has come to be known as the �visa recapture� method. However, approximately 219,000 numbers have not been �recaptured�. The current worldwide pending cases in all employment based categories is approximately 340,000 applicants. A one‐time recapture of the 219,000 unused visa numbers could go a long way to eliminating this backlog and bringing much needed relief to many applicants who currently face the prospect of becoming residents of the United States after they retire.

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  • onemorecame
    02-23 12:25 PM

    Service Center Proc Times 02/20/09 Update
    NSC EB-485 Proc Time = 4 Month!?!

    is it mean something? is anybody got Soft LUD in thier case?


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  • ExoVoid
    04-10 11:06 PM
    OK, I'll lighten it, add the value, and maybe edit the grid size. Thanks for the input ya'll

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  • immi_seeker
    10-02 01:26 AM
    Can anyone tell me after my 6th year of H1 i have a 3 year extension of h1 visa, can i go to india and come back on that visa or do i need to have AP. I got my 140 approved and i got my 485 receipt notices.

    As long as you have a valid H/L visa stamped on your passport , you dont need an AP to re-enter. Refer to lot of forums at IV. you will get info about AP/EAD usage and linking with H1


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  • DSLStart
    01-18 12:09 PM
    She can stay as long as she wants, but it is finally up to the port of entry officer to decide to let her in or not depending on reason for staying outside (while 485 is pending) is valid or not. After all AP is supposed to be used only for emergency situations.

    Can wife stay in India for more than 6 months while 485 is pending?

    What she have now is an approved AP till 2009 december.


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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    07-09 12:57 PM
    You can say like....around Oct-15-2007 or so. This letter is on top of Passport, birth certificate and PR card.

    Thank you for your immediate reply and timely information.


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  • user1205
    08-29 01:50 PM
    I sent her an email today to ask her to mail the originals and she refused.
    "We usually keep the original receipts. " was her answer.

    What to do? This is so frustrating. ARGHH!!!!
    I know I have the right to ask for them but I want to keep it civil and not antagonize her. Is there any reason I can give her, like travel, to make her send me the originals without getting into a fight?

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  • prioritydate
    07-15 11:18 PM
    So are these different from the finger prints that we take for EAD? For people who got their priority date current, do they ask for a separate finger prints again? Does anyone can shed some light on this?


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  • EBX-Man
    06-01 10:08 AM
    When someone says it is ok, it sure is a relief but just for clarification, what is the asnwer to be given by someone is the same situation at the POE when asked whether he is working for the GC filing company or not

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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-12 05:15 PM
    Search the forums, there was a similar thread about hourly rates and and salary. it had a lot of responses with information and some mentioning that it was improper to post such information.

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  • 90210
    05-03 06:51 PM

    I just received my EAD now. Though I am a 485 july filer, applied for EAD only in January.

    My 6 th year H1 will come to end in Oct. Because 180 days since 485 filing is over, I want to use AC21 and change the Employer now, and I am thinking why to go again for H1. I have the EAD, and why not use it, though I will be joining another desi employer.
    Does it seem the right thing to do? But everyine else I know changing the employer but again going for H1. Then why at all we have EAD.

    I understand that if GC is rejected, and if we are on H1, we don't have to leave. But if GC is rejected, I really don't care. Even if I get the GC, I want to go to Mera Bharath Mahaan.

    1. What are your thoughts on this?

    2. One thing I am still not clear on is: If EAD renewal is delayed next year, and if I don't receive the approval in time (i.e. before the expiry of my current EAD) will I be out of status because no H1 and no EAD?

    3. I am thinking there is no waiting period of 180 days etc from the EAD approval date to join another employer. Please correct me if this wrong.

    4. If I use EAD, what is the status of my family without H4?

    04-10 02:30 AM
    Thanks for sharing!!

    06-06 02:52 AM
    I am pending adjustment of status but my company has recently moved me abroad. My EAD is expiring in July and AP in Oct. I am planning to travel to the states next week on my AP to file for a renewal for both.

    My concern is the fingerprinting notice for both. During my last EAD renewal or AP renewal, i was not called for a fingerprinting. Do you know under what circumstances a fingerprinting notice is given?

    Is the fingerprinting requirement for AP a new requirement?

    Most importantly, is it possible to file for both EAD and AP outside the US if my I-140 was filed/approved when I was in USA? if yes, under what circumstances?

    Thanks for your help.

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