Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • VivekAhuja
    06-29 03:48 PM
    REMOVE YOUR I-94 - they do not need it for anything and might lose it.

    Service desired: FRESH PASSPORT.

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  • vaib.shah1
    01-27 12:12 AM
    Dear All Immivoices,

    My parents have 10 years multiple visa. It was issue in year 2007. They have visited USA
    before two years. If they want to come again, is there any document I need to send them?

    Thanks in advance to all of you.

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  • kirupa
    05-16 02:25 PM
    Added it up :)

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  • ivjobs
    09-06 04:46 PM
    Six swine flu deaths take India's toll to 131 - India - NEWS - The Times of India (


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  • kirupa
    05-06 03:52 PM
    haha - they are actually worth more :beam:

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  • winguru
    09-11 06:02 PM

    I have an approved I140 and a PD of Apr 08. I am planning to change company .

    Some where in May I heard the news that end of this year USCIS is going to halt concurrent filing of I-140 and I485 and introduce an extra step called Pre-App for I485 and which can only be done after I140 approval.
    1) what are the chances that this would happen?
    2) What will happen if one switches company after 180 days of PreApp of 485.
    can he/she invoke Ac21 ?
    3) will Pre-App makes one eligible for EAD/Parole ?



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  • axp817
    04-08 01:00 PM
    There was a soft LUD (LUD - but no change in status) on my approved I-140 on 4/3/2008. I am not as excited as I am curious/conerned though. I work for the sponsoring employer and the employer wouldn't have revoked my I-140, just in case anyone was wondering.

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  • sve0390
    07-17 10:40 PM
    I have the same question. Is there is list of FAQs somewhere?


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  • vivache
    07-15 01:53 PM
    1. Have a route map .. so people know clearly where they need to go .. which direction .. and pause for how long.
    2. The event needs to start on time .. 5-10 mins here and there is fine .. but we need to start on time.
    3. Send all IV members in that area .. email templates about the rally that they need to forward all folks they know. If everyone gets 2 friends .. and those 2 get 2 more .. we have a large number.

    Get folks from other immigration forums as well. We had chinese folks with us .. and I think they were from some other forum/group.
    check will all local groups so that there can be a show of strength !!

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  • kerz
    07-26 10:45 AM
    Hi All,

    My papers has already been submitted for H-1B. I am currently on my OPT which expired on June and I got extended until September 30, 2010. Do I need to leave a country during 30 days after my H1-B got approved?



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  • kkrp
    04-27 06:20 PM
    I like to change my employer with my pending labor with my current employer. Last year my current employer did 1 yr extension based on pending labor. Still my current employer didn't receive 45 days Notice. But I don't have any info. about my labor. I know only priority date and USPS mail confirmation (when it reached labor dept). I sent 2 mail to H1B7YR@PHI.DFLC.US to get screen shot. But i didn't get any response.

    Can you pls help is there any other source to get Labor info.? Since without this labor info. my new employer can't transfer my H1B.

    Please help and share your experience ASAP.


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  • Circus123
    08-01 01:41 PM
    Thanks all for your help and sorry for the new thread.

    Is your friend you ?
    Yes you have to be physically here for applying 485... ( USCIS course 101)


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  • sury
    02-09 11:10 AM
    I am working for a different IT company and the LLC what I am going to register is exclusive for handling the franchise business.

    Tomorrow if I don't have job then I am wondering if I can work for my on franchise on EAD till it get job..please advise

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  • gparr
    January 8th, 2004, 07:53 PM
    Here's an example of my first outing with my new lens, shooting birds in a nature preserve bird feeder area. I used a monopod on a cloudy day. I didn't realize how quick those little buggers can be. I shot manual and found the autofocus to be irritating at times. Any feedback on doing this kind of shooting would be appreciated.
    This is the image fixed by Scott.


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  • beautifulMind
    07-05 02:05 PM

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  • a_paradkar
    07-15 11:55 AM
    I just called USCIS to check the status of my case and the Immigration Officer said it is in EB-1 category. I know my case is EB-2.

    I asked the IO to see if i have send any paperwork to rectify their mistake, but she said USCIS will automatically adjust the category whe it picks up the case for review

    I am confused. Please Advice

    PD: Aug 2005
    EB2 - I
    140 receipt says 203(b)(2)
    140 Approved


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  • freddyCR
    January 3rd, 2005, 07:48 AM
    Jim & Cathy, thanks a lot for the advice. These are "golden rules" that I have always followed, although with no such great results, it seems.;)

    I'm new to this forum, but have been quite a photo buff since I was 15 or so (47 now..already !!). Went thru the usual collection of 35 mm (Yashica, Canon, Mamiya, Nikon). Couple of months ago bought a Fujifilm S7000. Quite satisfied with it even though the performance is still not comparable to the one that can be obtained with a true reflex. (I'm planning to upgrade shortly, not very sure to what yet, since I don't want to spend more than $ 2 k -advice appreciated).

    The pics i posted where an attempt to make some portraits a bit different from the classical; that is to picture the subject in his/hers environment. It's a new area for me, but which I find I like a lot.

    Here is a set of more "classical" portraits of my kids. As always I appreciate your comments.

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  • sgorla
    06-21 03:27 PM
    I will try installing V8. So, you had 4 pages of info about you, and another 4 pages of info about your dependent?

    we used Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.

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  • vikramy
    06-05 03:00 PM
    You can use EAD with current employer. I think your company has to do the change your I9 form to EAD. You don't need to inform as you are not changing any company.

    My H1 is valid until 2010 Feb.
    I am also having EAD till 2011 June.
    I have been with my employer all along.... and prefer to stay with same employer till GC.

    I DONT want to apply for my H1 extension since they are asking lot of questions like Contract details etc with RFE's.

    My Q is - Can i use EAD with my EXISTING employer or EAD should be used for only NEW employer based on AC21?

    If i use EAD with my current employer, should i have to inform uscis(any process involved)?

    Please suggest...

    Thanks for any suggestions

    03-27 03:21 PM

    At present I am on H4 but my H4 expired in December2006. But I have I-94 valid till 2009. My husband also got extension till April2009. Now I want to apply for H1 in April2007. I want to know whether this will affect my H1 approval? Do I need to have stamped H4 which is valid till 2009 before filing fresh H1?
    I need this as soon as possible.

    Thank in advance.

    03-20 04:41 PM
    Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it! :beam:

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