Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • zCool
    05-08 02:51 PM
    I came across racist past of Senator Jeff sessions...
    This should serve as a warning to those innocent among us who think his new-found love for point-based system is anything but another ploy by racist southern republican to deny, stall, delay anything that might benefit anyone of slightly colored skin!!
    BEWARE.. Jeff Sessions == NOT A FRIEND OF US!! no matter how many ways he dresses up.. he's Anti-minorities and anti-immigrants..

    High time we realize those who should be avoided and not given time and effort.. these folks have their mind made up..

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  • billu
    07-18 09:54 PM
    i am switching employers and i have about 10k in my 401k with current employer. my next employer does not have the option to start 401k until after one year of service.i am looking for options to rollover my 401k to a IRA in a company. does anyone have any recommendations?thanks in advance

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-14 02:47 PM
    uma001, this joke is is VERY VERY bad taste. You are making a mockery out of a LOT of people's misery.

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  • wandmaker
    11-28 03:58 AM
    mhtanim: Your job description with employer �Y� should be similar to position �B�


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  • gchope07
    06-28 01:22 PM
    My lawyer says i can join company B as soon as USCIS has received my application for H1B transfer(by way of fedex tracking)? is this true or do we have to wait for receipt number/case number?

    I need to know this because my company will not file I-485 until i join them but under the current backlog CSC is having a huge backlog with receipting H1B transfer cases.

    Please help

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  • frostrated
    07-09 02:08 PM
    I looked at the list of civil surgeons that approved by USCIS. I called some of them and everyone told me differently in pricing. The basic I693 test would cost around $$220, and if i need vaccines, It would be an addition cost. Like some said the MMR vaccine would cost $120, the other said $50
    Lot of them said the cost for chicken pox vaccins is around $120 ( I dont have insurance). My parent is not really sure if I ever have chicken pox or not so incase I need one, DO you know where to get those shots cheaper? Thank you for your time!

    go to your county health clinic and take the vaccinations. they are usually free or very cheap. you can then show the report to the uscis doctor to get a waiver.


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  • Chicago Desi
    01-18 11:03 AM
    Is there anyway to get H1-B extension done fast ?
    Using Premium Processing or anything like that..??

    Please share your thoughts.

    Yes there is. I paid for mine and got approval in 10 days. I did that because I did not want to wait.

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  • voldemar
    06-25 09:22 AM
    Can someone explain how the lawyer files I-485(Does she e-file? or mail it to USCIS?) and how we know about it? How long does it take to know you have filed it? and how do we know about it?Lawyer mail the package to USCIS. Good lawyer tell their client tracking number and then send email with case numbers and copies of receipt notices.


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  • googly2007
    03-27 03:21 PM

    At present I am on H4 but my H4 expired in December2006. But I have I-94 valid till 2009. My husband also got extension till April2009. Now I want to apply for H1 in April2007. I want to know whether this will affect my H1 approval? Do I need to have stamped H4 which is valid till 2009 before filing fresh H1?
    I need this as soon as possible.

    Thank in advance.

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  • paulkurni
    07-18 01:52 PM
    Hello Experts,

    Little bit of background. I have been working on h1 since 2003 and applied labor in Mar 2005.
    I have was able to get my application with 2007 filers. Got my 140 approved last year and ead and FP done as well. My GC sponsoring company is a desi consultancy, which is helpful to a certain extent and I have been with them since 2004.

    I am in a bit of a dilemma now. The client, where I have been working for last few years, have instated a new policy in which contractors must be on W2 with the vendors. Vendor I am working with is not big and like any other consultancy (Tek, comsys), will fire if you don't have a project for 15-20 days. In the past, I wouldn't have bothered even thinking about this and moved on for another project but because of recession and difficult job market and I am contemplating this move.

    After doing research, I am thinking of the following strategy.

    I will transfer my h1b with the vendor and will not use EAD. Plan to work with the vendor for as long as possible and when the contract ends move back with the GC sponsoring employer. I am going with assumption that the GC sponsor will not revoke my 140 (even though it shouldn't matter as I am past 180 days with 485 and 140 is approved) and when the contract ends I have something to fall back on to. Doing that could secure me if USCIS asks EVL in future and I can simply my GC sponsoring company to show that for future employment. Also, I want to keep h1b as a way to bring my wife (if and when, with divine intervention, I get married somehow).

    Do you think if this is a viable solution? Any suggestion is welcome.


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  • vix95
    01-16 01:26 PM
    Hi ,Could someone please tell me FOR SURE that

    1. A transit visa is required at paris when travelling from London to Zurich via train and changing the train at Paris.
    2. Does my family need any additonal visa (other than transit visa if required), as I am on UK work permit.


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  • bestin
    09-28 06:53 AM
    Finally,my attorney has sent me a mail that the cheques were encashed on Sep27th morning.Any idea when will be the finger printing as i am planning to goto India in early Nov.


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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-20 11:01 AM
    Why do you want Attorney in CA.

    Any attorney in any state can take any case in any state

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  • mbartosik
    04-03 05:15 PM
    The time available to a congress person to speak with residents in small.
    Be prepared to speak with the congress person's aids.
    An aid can put in hours of time with/for you, whereas the actually congress person will have little time to spare.


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  • ursnkk
    11-22 07:42 PM

    I got my visa H1B from employer X in the year 2003 and travelled to US in jan 2004 immigration officials denied my port of entry saying employer X is non-existent and cancelled my visa and told to with draw my application and they have written 212(a)(c)(i)(i) on my passport.I went back to my home country and worked over there for 3 yrs. After sometime i got an offer from some employer Y,they have filed for my H1B and approved.

    When i went for visa to US Consulate visa officer told me that am ineligible for the H1B visa. I have explained them what exactly happened in 2004.

    VisaOfficer has asked to appeal for waiver using the form I-601,after my appeal to the USCIS, consulate has given the visa.I came to US in 2007 and working for same employer B .I applied for extension under the same employer B,got an RFE asking to submit aggrement b/w the client and the vendor,the requested documents are sent. After that USCIS sent NOID(Notice of Intent to Deny),gave the reason as :

    In January 2004 the beneficiay applied for admission as an H1 B Worker for company X.Under oath the beneficiary stated he never signed a contract with the petitioning company X,the petition company was found not to exist. Therefore, the beneficiary was found inadmissible under 212(A)(6)(C)(I) and 212(A)(7)(A)(I)(I) and permanently ineligible for the H1 Classification.

    USCIS has again came back with the same issue of my previous H1 B.

    I have been in US from 2007 June with employer Y ,after going through all the process in the year 2007 USCIS has issued my visa.

    Please advice me on this, any help fully appreciated.

    Thank you again for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

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  • kumar_459
    11-10 04:50 AM
    not a lawyer so take this with grain of salt.

    she need to request her passport back and can travel back on AP if it is urgent.

    VO has given back all the documents back to her including passport, when my wife said she has travel plans to go back early.

    My concern is when the administrative processing is completed, then how do we get the passport stamped or is there a way to withdraw the visa application.


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  • senk1s
    05-14 01:14 AM
    i just checked the profile ...'interesting' timeline to say the least

    labor approved 1972
    140,485 applied in 1970

    I think we might be burning the midnight candle on this 'prank'

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  • milind70
    04-08 08:03 PM
    I assume u r returing US worker i.e means that ur just getting ur H1B extended in that case u can choose any consulate in your home country.i recently got stamped at New Delhi Embassy but my consulate is Mumbai.
    Since I could not get dates for Mumbai consulate during my visit to India even though i paid my fees at HDFC mumbai branch. it should not matter as long as u pay your fees and u r a returning worker.

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  • gemini23
    11-21 09:58 AM
    thanks. that answers my question.

    09-30 03:55 PM
    We should also request Indian Governtment to take up our Issues with the US.

    Better not, US does exactly the opposite to what someone asks her :D
    I think India must ask US to send back all the skilled H1b holders exactly after 6 years and not issue GC. Then you would be surprised to see heck of a lot approvals !!!!

    06-16 10:20 AM
    Does anyone know if you can file for I-485 on a B1/B2 or do you need to have an H4 status?

    It seems to me, you are on a B1/B2 and are contemplating a marriage to a "485 current" green card benfeciary...and subsequently filing the 485 jointly with your would be other half...

    The intention in a B class visa is very weak and its purpose very limited. It is best to not do anything while on the B visa, and relinquish the B status, then either re-enter on a stronger intent visa (H1/H4 or L1) and then file 485 or file the 485 from outside the country.

    Any change of status from a B class visa is usually looked upon with a frown by the USCIS...

    Even if you are not contemplating a marriage, but are already married for long but just happen to be in the US on a B Class visa, it is best to reliquish your B status, before doing anyting...

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