Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • skpanda
    06-02 10:43 AM
    Not a legal advise. My 2 cents.

    I have never heard of employers pulling credit history to decide upon job offers. I have changed jobs when I had no credit history and when credit history was bad (in 500s) because of outstanding debt (no delinquency though), never had any issues.

    Hi, I would like to change job but my credit history is so bad. credit score is in recovery stage. I was unable to pay credit card debt and worked with settlement company and settled all the cards..I paid every thing as of last month. But there were delequencies still appearing on my report..

    I am working for a decent company, but i would like to change the job due to uncertainity and very less compensation..

    It is very very urgent. Can some one suggest if there will be any issues that matters job switching. In general, will the companies pull credit reports and deny jobs based on credits...Will the credit history matters.. I did not had any foreclosures or bankruptsy.

    Plz plz suggest..looking for a way around..

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  • gaz
    11-10 02:26 PM
    This may have been posted here elsewhere - what do you think of the legislative timeline Ron Gotcher has described?

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  • snathan
    05-05 02:55 PM
    Hi All,

    I would like to know if porting an EB3 Labor & 140 to EB2 with the priority date is possible?
    I am currently on h1b, I am planning to join a new company and I qualify for EB2 category.
    Is it possible to port priority date of my EB3 to EB2?? with my new employer?


    Per the 14th amendement, people with name 'Archana' can not port from EB3 to EB2...:eek:

    Yes, you can port.

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  • toronto1999
    08-05 11:57 AM
    I enter US four times this year by using AP, same airport, but different experience. 1st, 2nd and 3rd entry was sent to secondary check. But the 4th entry, the CBP said it's unnecessary for secondary check and fill new I-94 because previous officers are new guys, don't know the rule. I thought 1st entry is definitely need go secondary check.


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  • kondur_007
    05-20 06:11 PM
    "05/19/2008: Passage of H.R. 5571 for IMGs Failed Today and Postponed Until a Later Date

    The House floor failed to pass this bill and postponed until the undetermined date for final action."

    This bills is to renew Conrad 30 program which is set to expire June 2008. This bill is sponsored by Zoe Lofgren and has been posponed until the undetermined date!

    This is a vital provision for J1 physicians for waiver opportunities but I have not found much on this on the internet besides above quote from Oh law firm.

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  • a_yaja
    05-26 09:50 AM

    My father (over 60 years) is coming to the States in June 15, and his B1 visa expires on June 24. However, my father is planning to stay until August 20.

    My question is:
    Will he be able to stay after his visa expiration date?
    In other words, when will his I-94 expire?


    Once your father enters the US, the expiry of the visa does not matter. Your father will be able to stay in the US till the expiry of the I-94.

    The expiry of the I-94 will be determined by the officer at the port of entry. Usually, for parents, it is granted for 6 months, but there is no hard and fast rule and it totally depends on the officer who is stamping the I-94. However, I think for B-1, the max. duration is usually six months (again - not 100% sure about this - it could be longer too).


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    09-06 01:53 AM
    Raise has nothing to do with GC processing.Decision of Raise Limit is set by employer and promotion does comes with change in job description.Keep one thing in mind Corporations make profit out of everybody whether its customers or employees doesnt matter.Corporations exists to make the way do you work for non-profit organization ?? in that case things are a little different based on finanicial availability.

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  • hariswaminathan
    07-31 02:30 PM

    We had been to Canada in Sep, 2003 for our Canadian residency stamping. While on our way back to San Francisco, US immigration did not stamp our passports or take back our I-94's. Prior to this trip we had been to India in March, 2003.

    Now I am confused as to what should be our last date/port of entry to US? I-94's/passport stamp still indicates our March, 2003 trip and Our Canadian PR stamp does indicate date PR was stamped in Canada. But there's not other stamp/proof on passport for our entry to San Francisco.

    Any pointers/suggestions?


    Travel to contiguous territory such as Canada for a period of 30 days or less does not count as last Port of entry because they dont take your I-94 or stamp your passport. Therefore you have to put your Prior trip of March 2003.


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  • raj2007
    06-13 11:09 PM

    My PD is Dec 2004 EB2 for a future jon offer. I won't be able to start the job until July 2008 as I am still completing my fellowship. I have read somewhere in the past that I can file I485 for this future job as the dates have now become current. Can anyone confirm this and any idea what is the general recommendation for the duration that I have to stay with this employer once I start the job.

    Minimum 6 month is considered a safe period.

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  • ChainReaction
    09-06 09:21 AM
    I had filed my I485 directly at TSC , the address which was listed on my I140 Receipt on June 25th as per the advise given by IO when i called the 800#

    Texas Service Center
    P.O Box 851488 Dept A
    Mesquite TX75185-1488

    I still haven't received a receipt and the checks has not been cashed . I would like to know if anyone else filed their application at the address listed above and have received a receipt notice ?:confused:


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  • martinvisalaw
    09-10 02:42 PM
    I would always go by the DOS website first. It looks like the consulate website confused India and China dates.

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  • abhijitp
    07-11 03:33 PM
    Moderators, please delete this if you want. I am re-posting as a new thread simply because the other thread seems to be closed.

    I was pleasantly surprised, although looking back at it, this was going to happen. The Indian media would have immediately tried to cash in on the news and interview the people associated with the movie.

    Nevertheless, this is good news, and I wonder if we should try to capitalize on it. How?

    If IV can get "IV merchandise" (T shirts, caps, etc) signed by a Boman Irani or a Rajkumar Hirani (and perhaps also embossed with a standard message that we all included with the flowers), and put it up for sale (on ebay etc), it might help to
    1. spread the word on this issue
    2. raise money for IV!

    What do you think? Is this feasible? If it is, we should go for it as nothing matches Bollywood when it comes to spreading a message.

    Thanks for reading!


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  • myimmiv
    06-05 06:39 PM
    Hello all,

    I applied for I485 + I150 in June 2007 under EB3. My I-140 is still pending.

    Employer used a preappr labor with PD of May 2005. However, the lawyer gave me only the ETA 750B portion of the labor to fill

    Now, from some forum I found out that PERM was started in March 2006 and the form was 9089 to be used for labor after march 2005 filings.

    So, how did my employer file my labor using ETA750B part which was applicable for old labors ?

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  • roseball
    08-06 10:20 AM
    In the application filed, I received a query stating "Labor Condition Application is marked to indicate you are an exempt HIB dependent for the beneficiary based on the existence of masters degree from the United States. Please confirm your claim that you are an expemt for this beneficiary. If no United States masters degree exists for this beneficiary, the LCA is not valid and may require a withdrawal of the current petition and filing of a new petition with a new LCA that adhers to Labor Department's requirement for H1B dependents".

    My Employer wants to reply that this was a clerical mistake..... Is this right? or should he file a new petition.

    Can I file another petition if this petition is rejected?

    Just saying its a clerical issue wont be sufficient. It might help if your employer attaches a new LCA along with the RFE reply. Worst case, you have to withdraw and file again with the correct/new LCA. If this is a fresh H1, then you are lucky in the sense that the quota is still open and you can refile without having to wait for another year.


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  • gcformeornot
    05-28 06:26 PM
    #11 - RN date for first EAD
    # 15 - L1B
    # 16 - C09

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  • freddyCR
    January 3rd, 2005, 03:58 PM
    a bit overkill for my taste, but I see the potential of those filters....what are they a PhotoShop plug-in?
    Can you send me the link, pls?


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  • gcmatters77
    06-08 04:18 AM
    Hi guru�s,

    Need some help, I was in US working for a consulting company and a good client for 4 years then due to some family issues I had to return back to India in the beginning of last year �08. I and my wife has visa stamped in passport valid till the end of this year. Now I want to come back to US and I am not sure if I can enter US again with the same visa as I do not have paystub from my employer for last 1.5 years.

    During this 1.5 years I started my own business and tried various options but didn�t work out well so want to return back to US and during this time we had a son who doesn�t have a visa. Does any body know how I can return back to US, are they really strict at port of entry and would not let me in without a project. I don�t have a project right now and will look for it once I am in US. Any input would be very helpful.

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  • natika
    04-30 09:44 AM
    Thank you clif and sanju_eb3 for the response.

    I'll talk to lawyers of the new company (once I find it).

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  • SKK2004
    08-27 11:39 AM
    Thank you for the info. Mine is first time EAD and some other members informed that even for the first-time EAD, FP may not be "required".

    My wife and I also had our EADs renewed last month. We received our new EADs sometime in the last week of July and neither of us had any Finger Print notices.

    09-20 04:57 PM
    Im just thinking aloud here. We want to be heard and we want to educate people as to how we are different from Illegal immigrants.

    Why not post a question for the Republican debate? If our questions get selected and aired we will have 30 seconds of national television audience. We might even get some answers from some presidential candidates.

    What i have in mind is get a few of us together, preferably people from different nationalities. Each one of us will hold a placard with
    Legal Immigrant in bold, educational qualification, Federal tax paid, State tax paid, SSN tax paid and finally number of years in green card wait.

    One person.. can then briefly mention what our issues are and ask what the candidate can do for us.

    Each placard also has on it...we have free advertising, we have airtime for free... and we have a national audience.

    I know very well that the candidates answer may not directly help us.. but at least we will get some attention. Many many citizens watch the debate.


    Debate is on Nov 28th

    09-19 07:35 AM
    Hello everyone,
    Please help me with your valuable suggestions. My H4 extension was applied with my husband's H1 extension through premium processing. Both were approved within 6 days. I got my courtesy copy of H4 extension but my lawyer never got the original approval notice with the new I-94. So my lawyer applied the form I-824 for a duplicate copy of my approval. But will I get a new I-94 with the duplicate copy? I was planning to travel to India next month. I do have the white I-94 that I got when I entered the country and the green I-94 that I got with last year's extension. Only the I-94 from this year's extension is missing. Can I travel with that? Will I have problems at port of entry when I return back? Will I have any problems stamping my H4 with courtesy copy?
    I asked my lawyer to file I-102 for replacing the lost I-94 but he said that form is for replacing the original I-94 I got at port of entry(which I already have). So there is no need of it. Sorry the post is too long. Thanks a lot in advance.

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