Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • askreddy
    01-27 09:17 AM

    I went to local office yesterday. She sent mail to service center about the change in the name to have full first name for my 485 and 131.She also asked me to send letter to service center before they approve my 131 application.


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  • donya
    08-14 12:52 AM
    Dear all,

    I have a Q regarding the follow-to-join rule. Say one has filed I-140 and I-485 recently (concurrently filing). To use the follow-to-join rule, can the spouse file I-485 at any time after the primary applicant's I-140 is approved but before I-485 is approved? In that case, will the spouse's I-485 be approved around the same time as the primary applicant?

    A related Q, will a Visa number be immediately available after one's I-140 is approved?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • nrmarrivada9
    03-29 02:14 PM
    Here is the contextual description of my scenario:

    I worked in a motel (while i was on F1) during the year 2007 and that salary was reflected on my W2. I maintained a clean work status after the initial transgression. I changed to H1B in the year 2008. My GC process was initiated and my application cleared the PERM and I-140 stages successfully.
    My question is, will i face any hurdles during the I-485 stage because of the mistake that i committed while i was on F1 ((worked in a motel illegally)? If yes, how serious/low profile could the implications be?

    Your advise is much appreciated.


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  • good idea
    06-03 08:14 AM
    Hi all!

    I've been trying to get a job offer from Canada for the past one year as my occupation is not on the list of occupations that have shortage. I'm a market research analyst and work online with a UK company for almost 3 years. I would love to move to Canada and have a real job and family but am at a stage where I do not know what else to do as the companies want you to be present in Canada and Canadian govt asks for a job offer to get a visa?

    Very confused here. If someone got an arranged offer from Canada could you please guide on how much work experience you had and how you got an offer?


    -If your job is not in NOC, you have limited choices.
    1)Move to Canada & study for 1 yr., a person who have study there for 1 yr. in Canada & has 2 yr. of experience can apply for Canada immigration, even if his profession is not in NOC list. You would be eligible as you have 3 yrs. experience.
    try this (
    2)Job Offer from Canada, this would be quite tough as everyone prefers local candidate.


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  • Kodi
    03-10 04:06 PM
    My experiance.... My 6th year on H1 expired beg Dec 2007. I applied for H4 Mid November 07 and haven't received a response yet. My attorney said as long as you file H4 before your H1 expire you're in status.

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  • kevinkris
    08-13 03:33 PM
    Hi All,

    My PD is 1st Aug 2006. Am i IN or OUT?

    As per VB:

    The cut-off date for an oversubscribed category is the priority date of the first applicant who could not be reached within the numerical limits. Only applicants who have a priority date earlier than the cut-off date may be allotted a number.

    They stress and bolded "Earlier Than" so i am not IN???? :confused::confused::(:(


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  • soumya_bhatta
    08-18 11:04 AM
    I am on H1B in USA and am an Indian citizen. I have been divorced and about to get remarried. My would be has a natural born kid of from her previous marriage before her husband expired. I will marry her legally per Hindu custom and then complete the registration after that. I will adopt her kid also as per proper procedure.

    This is NOT like regular adoption. Usually when a couple can't have any kid of their own, they adopt someone. Or despite having a kid they adopt another kid etc. In these cases getting an H4 is very tough, or so I heard.

    Shall I be able to get an H4 for this biological kid of my would be spouse? Again, she is a biological kid of her.

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  • Googler
    06-24 06:09 PM
    It gets better. The guy who hired him was involved in deportation proceedings.

    The next time a Republican gets in our face about immigrants, these are fine stories to trot out.


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  • sivanyk1234
    11-07 09:31 AM
    If the foreign financial institution (for example bank) are not reporting to IRS about our (US resident) bank account etc. Do we need to close our bank account in foreign country.

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  • martinvisalaw
    06-05 05:13 PM

    1. If my father applies for GC for me under F2B can it be converted to F1 when he becomes citizen?


    if so, will the priority date be same or it will be new once converted to F1 category.


    2. Can I apply for both family based and employment based in parallel?


    if it is not possible which path should I select? Will the employment based GC will be faster of family based?



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  • Student with no hopes
    01-20 09:06 AM
    What happens to the people who graduated from the institute and applied for gc on its basis?

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  • mundakamal
    06-20 07:04 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    For FP, USCIS takes the address from G325A or from the I485 form. The reason I am asking is because my company is putting their's address in I485. So I am wondering.

    Thanks for the reply..


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  • JunRN
    07-18 03:17 AM
    It depends on how many cases that will be pending approval on October after the surge of applications this July and August.

    I think it wouldn't be current for some countries specifically India and China.

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  • leoindiano
    02-23 01:51 PM
    my colleague had same problem. Employer is a big bank. He called USCIS customer service at Vermont and they said they can see it and they told him it is ok if he dont see it online. He was not sure, took infopass and they also said same thing. But, after infopass, a week after that it showed up online. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    calling vermont, its on IV wiki....Now, you got to find where that is on this website....


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  • greencardvow
    07-31 08:05 PM
    keep copy send original
    should I send the employer letter with the 485 in original or a copy?

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  • jonty_11
    07-26 05:27 PM
    seach on the forum..this discussion has occurred upteen # of times ....


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  • andy garcia
    10-03 01:28 PM
    Why? Well that is what I heard. If you are married to US citizen applying for GC, your sponse has to be in the interview.

    I don't know why you ask me why.

    99.999999 % of the people on this forum are Employment Based applicants who do not need interview. That was the reason.

    You should have started by saying that you married a US citizen.

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  • arun.kumar06
    07-19 11:35 AM
    I searched the forums briefly but could not find a similar case, please assist.

    There is a requirement for me to take up another position with the same employer (sort of Lateral job transfer) with the following details:

    My H1B is sponsored by State Government who I have been working for 6+ years.

    PD=DEC 2002, EB3
    485 Filed= JUNE 6, 2007
    FP = JULY 17, 2007

    The new position will be with:
    Same Employer
    Same Job Title
    Same Job Description
    Same Job Duties
    Same Pay
    Same Classification Code (internal state job code#)
    Same Supervisor
    Same Location physically same cabin
    Same everything else I can think of.

    ONLY THING DIFFERENT IS THE "POSITION NUMBER" that is assigned by the Personnel Department. There will be an internal advertising for the position and interview & selection process.

    I would like to know:

    1) Does accepting the position at this stage cause problem with the Green Card process, i.e, will it affect my I485, PD or anything else? I have waited 6+ years to get to this stage and obviously I do not want to take any kind of risk.

    2) Do I need to inform or check with USCIS or any other agency about this position change?

    3) Do I need to do anything else to protect my PD, AOS etc.

    I would appreciate all the assistance I can get.

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  • nkavjs
    11-05 01:37 PM
    My suggestion. One of my very close friend who is also working for same employer as mine is exactly in same situation as yours.. only diff. she is on H1. Recd. her EAD, FP notice.. but no AP yet. She needs to fly on Nov 10. She got infopass appt. for requesting expedited AP. She was asked to bring along EAD and AOS receipt notices, her travel reservations and any document pertaining to travels.. her passport and Visa papers.. SO this way they could process or request AP on expedited basis. Hope this helps.

    01-22 03:49 PM
    the link you provided did not show any "Interestnig Cricket Widget on IV". Is that the correct link?


    05-03 11:07 PM
    well.. I look like a fool.. he's not even a registered ezboard user..

    Well.. don't think that ezboard does not keep your ip on record. They are very very serious about this subject.

    Just don't do that here.

    As far as trials are concerned.. if it's not offered by the company that makes it, it's not legal to own, and this guys is not allowed to post that information here at Kirupa. You'll have to find it elsewhere.

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