Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have mentioned my dog Duncan so often in the past that I could not pass up the opportunity to share his craziest moment ever... Or at least his craziest moment to date. 

You may recall that I told you how Duncan reacts when I receive a delivery, barking and whining, trying to get to the box and open it for himself.  Well today's delivery from UPS (my new Creative Memories Cartridge, by the way) arrived, Duncan immediately went into delivery dog mode! 

I took the package and put it on the kitchen counter, stupidly thinking that would discourage Duncan's crazy behavior.  In the meantime I went into the next room.  I heard Duncan made a couple of jumps and yelps at the box, but I thought he would realize that he could not get the box.  Then I heard a drawer open and Duncan gave a little bark.  The photo above is what I found when I went back into the kitchen to investigate. 

There he hung by his harness, looking pathetic.  After screatching OH MY GOSH, DUNCAN!  I ran to the other room and grabbed the camera to snap a couple of photos.  If I had taken the time to check I would have realized the camera was set on micro mode - so the photos were a bit grainy.  However, at least I captured the moment!

And here he is, Duncan the wonder dog, resting atop dad, getting his tummy petted. None the worse for wear, and still my crazy fur-boy!!

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