Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • pali
    10-31 06:51 PM
    Hello can anyone tell me the procedure to file I-539. I overlooked my wife's H4 visa (assumed visa will be renewed when i get my H1 renewed at consulate). I am looking for information to file for I-539

    Also My wife's visa expires on Dec 9th 2007 (I94 expires on Dec 20th 2007). Is it possible for my wife to stay beyond Dec 20th if i dont receive the H4 renewal by that date. I am planning to file I-539 by Nov 8th 2007

    Thanks in advance

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    05-06 10:01 AM
    Hi All,

    I need to travel urgently to India due to some family issue and my EAD is expiring in Aug 2010. I need to apply for my renewal before I fly out this Sunday since I will have to be in India for 30 days. Can I e file my application from here and send the supporting documentation by Saturday? If so, I want to make sure that if for some reason, I get a biometrics appt., while in India, how can I postpone it? and also there won't be any issues with my EAD renewal app since I will be India and My I 94 will change once I am back.

    Thanks for all your responses.....

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  • nkavjs
    11-05 01:37 PM
    My suggestion. One of my very close friend who is also working for same employer as mine is exactly in same situation as yours.. only diff. she is on H1. Recd. her EAD, FP notice.. but no AP yet. She needs to fly on Nov 10. She got infopass appt. for requesting expedited AP. She was asked to bring along EAD and AOS receipt notices, her travel reservations and any document pertaining to travels.. her passport and Visa papers.. SO this way they could process or request AP on expedited basis. Hope this helps.

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  • nshalady
    01-28 03:46 PM
    If you are impacted by unavailability of visa number, you can get 3 year extension of H1B after I-140 is approved. If your priority date is current, then you have to file for status adjustment, not H1B extension. If your lawyer does not understand the law, better get a "real" lawyer :)

    I just got my Labor approved a couple week ago and now i want to file I-140 premium processing. But my lawyer's not allow me to do that coz once my I-140 approve i can't file my 8 th year extension. My 7th years H1B will expire on Aug 30, 2007.

    I'm very confused now, on my understanding once i get my I-140 approve, i'm eligible to get my H1B 3 years extension.

    FYI: i chose CP opotion, is that make me not eligible to get my H1B extension once my I-140 approve?

    Please help and Big thanks


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  • senk1s
    05-05 01:09 PM
    I did not know that ... So the company contracting someone has to maintain an I9 information?

    Here is what is read from the I-9 handbook

    "If you are self-employed, you do not need to complete a Form I-9 on yourself unless you are also an employee of a business entity, such as a corporation or partnership, in which case the business entity is required to complete a Form I-9 on you."

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  • garyn
    04-22 01:32 AM
    Can universities hire someone on H1B which comes under quota?
    Is this H1B transfer, like a regular H1B transfer?
    How long does it take to get a receipt?


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  • chanduv23
    11-01 08:01 AM
    if u file for 140, chances are that it will get approved before may 2007 is high. If u have an approved 140, you can get 3 year extension. If you seek extension based on labor, you will get 1 year extension. I recommend u to apply for 140 (if possible premium) ASAP. Even otherwise,you are fine to get an year of extension.

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  • wandmaker
    12-04 12:13 PM
    immigal: I don't foresee any issues, AP is just an insurance to re-enter the country. Good luck!


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  • malet
    06-02 10:33 AM
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Please don't be tough on me.
    I received the folowing letter from NVC. The case is for my dad. He originally filed under F4, priority date 13Jul2000.

    What does it mean and what we should do?

    Many thanks.


    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Your inquiry has been received at the National Visa Center (NVC).

    A letter was previously mailed to the Agent of Choice or Attorney of
    Record requesting the amendment of previously submitted applicant forms
    and/or required applicant documents that have not been submitted. The
    documents listed on the letter and/or the amended forms must be
    submitted to the assigned US Embassy or Consulate General at the time of

    The applicant's name has been placed on the list of documentarily
    qualified cases awaiting the availability of visa numbers under the
    numerical limitations prescribed by statute. The designated
    representative of this case (applicant, petitioner, or attorney) will be
    notified of an appointment date as soon as the numbers have been
    received. The applicant should NOT make any travel arrangements, sell
    property, or give up employment until the US Embassy or Consulate
    General has issued a visa.

    An immigrant visa is usually valid for six months from the date it is
    issued. It may be used to apply for admission into the United States any
    time during its validity.

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  • bpratap
    09-10 02:05 AM
    How do U know if FBI Name check is complete or not ?

    PD - EB3 - Oct 2001
    486 - RD 06/05
    1st FP - 07/13/2005
    1st SR - 08/04/2006 - Shame Background check pending responce
    Transfer to V to T on 03/15/07
    2nd FP - 05/08/07
    2nd SR - 06/28/2007 - Shame Background check pending responce
    FBI NC Cleared - 10/09/2007


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  • avizion
    11-16 08:20 PM
    your site is not a good intro for business.
    "home", "about" and "services" all link back to index, no content, no details about who is behind this, the examples provided in "portfolio" are not even clickable, and worst, the mail link doesn't work from index.html as it's misconfigured (emailto instead of mailto..), only from the portfolio page, but on this page, the link on the portfolio menu is wrong,

    basically, you better hurry and get that site done if you're looking for jobs...

    Nice logos, what's pricing?

    logos are $40

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  • mannishk
    07-27 08:19 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    I am on a big confusion and dilemma, need your assistance and guidance. Here is my situation.

    I am on H1B and recently terminated (July 21st), I am given 2 weeks of reverberation which ends on 4th Aug, and my last pay stub (from 1st -4th aug) comes on Aug 15th.
    Now as the market is really bad, I am unable to find anyone to sponsor my H1 transfer. My wife is on F1 and I am willing to change my status from H1 to F2. Now my concerns are:

    a) Is my H1B status still valid (after termination) and can I apply for change of Status to F2 now? I have read somewhere, I can apply for change of status to F2 only if I am currently on a valid status.

    b) After applying for F2, before my approval of 'Change of status' if I get a job, do i need to apply another change of status application 'F2- H1B'?

    c) In case i get a job after 3 months, transfer my status from F2 to H1, will i require pay stubs as one of the documents? But at this point i will not have any pay stubs as I was not working? How will the transfer go? Will there be an issue?

    Please let me what are my best options right now...I appreciate all your help...

    thanks you!


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  • redelite
    10-06 05:02 PM
    ....aaaaaaaaand to Temp for the idea ;)

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  • cygent
    08-01 05:42 PM
    Moderator, Please close this thread. There is enough info. on the forums, no need to be so selfish.


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  • whattodo
    06-14 04:21 PM
    NIW 140 approved last year. EB1a 140 RFE/485 pending. Can I file a new 485 for NIW? or do I have to withdraw the pending 485 before filing the new 485?

    Thanks a lot.

    I am in similar boat. What does your lawyer say? I am waiting for my lawyer response. How about option on interfiling NIW 140 with the pending I-485. That is do not file new I-485 but change underlined I-140 in the old one. Ask your lawyer about that and let us also know whats his/her response.

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  • sameern
    06-18 03:37 PM
    Sertasheep, Does the I-140 application filed in May 2007 come under your required category or not? Let me know.



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  • snathan
    05-11 06:56 PM
    Hi, I am on L1B since Dec'10. My visa is expiring in Apr'11. Due to project requirement, my company has plan for my visa extension. Is there any way to get the GC? If part-time study can help to process my GC faster, I am ready for that too.

    Looking forward for your professional guidance.

    Thanks & Regards... Daulat

    There is no way for you to go faster...there are people waiting 5-10 years ahead of you, and you will have to join at end of the line; Even full time study is not going to help you get the GC faster.

    You are here just only for five months, and wants GC faster...welcome to reality.

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-14 04:21 AM
    This is key. We've been hearing that the White House was still up in the air between the energy bill and immigration and that one of the two would likely be pushed back until after the election. Now it looks like the White House thinks it can walk and chew gum (presumably after the President's approval ratings are slipping as people sense the White House is not actually keeping any of its promises).

    More... (

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  • garybanz
    08-27 03:18 PM
    hi my wife had filed 485 on aug 2nd, we got the receipts aug 23rd monday.

    Hope this helps...

    We filed at TSC.

    Also I got my GC approved today, i had filed 485 during july fiasco.

    Thanks gcNOLONGERdreamer05

    10-13 09:09 PM
    nice but your button text is not the same size and position when you rollover them.

    the small false looks too small and moves left a bit.

    (try rolling over them like true false true false)

    but nice bits from swift looks like you read the help file lolol.

    (me too)

    05-08 01:59 PM
    How can you change jobs if you have not filed for I485 and it has not been pending for >6months?
    If you change jobs you will have to start green card process again.
    If you stay with your current company, and if PD becomes current in summer, they can file for 1485 and then once your i485 is pending for >6 months you can try to change jobs using AC21.

    Gurus step in and correct me if I am wrong.

    All reliance on my opinion is at your own risk.

    Good luck.

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